The team that makes the magic work for Webcamshuffle!

Webcamshuffle could not be what it is today if not for a team of dedicated oddballs that make it all happen behind the scenes. They are the ones you should thank for the amazing streams, the great library of models, and the smooth and sleek experience of the website loading fast on any device. Our live cam sex shows would not be the same without them making sure everything runs as expected. 

Anything you see on the site is managed by them and honestly, we’d be lost without them and their creativity and wit. The user experience is all the better because of them and so we think it’s high time you met them and see what they’re all about. What they like, what they love, what they do around here. 

So put your hands together and welcome our amazing team! They are here to serve, and they are the ones you put all your trust and dreams into so that they can bring you the best models with the best shows. 

Angela Harper Head of all things technical

If you need a tech nerd then she is your woman! All things techs are her domain and boy does she do a bang-up job. She makes sure the site runs as it should and that the stream run at the high quality you so love.

Maria Alvarez Chief model scout

Maria is responsible for all the amazing models you see on our site. She decides who gets to be on it, and she is also the one who upholds our standards and measures all the potential models against our requirements. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. 

Max Shepherd Model Scout

Maria might be the one who approves all the models on our site but Max is the one who goes in search of them. You can think of him as a sort of Indiana Jones in search of precious performers. And boy does he come back with quite the treasure. 

Helena McAllen Model Scout

Max is not the only one who goes scouting for models. He is helped by Helena who has a keen eye for finding real talents in this industry. She looks at the more creative side of models as she selects them. 

Johanna Corbin Head of marketing and copywriting

Aside from model scouting, and technical stuff we also needed someone to get the word out about Webcamshuffle and Johanna is just the person for that. All things marketing and copywriting are her domain. We wouldn’t be where we are without her help!

We bet you feel all better and safer now that you know our team and how hard they work behind the stage to make sure all is good. These live cam sex shows are all the better because of them and we for one cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they put in. But above all our team is here for you, for your well-being, so that you can have an amazing experience, and that your needs are met and taken care of. 

Sure, we do want to get bigger, to add to our team and we will do so but for the time being this is the core gang that we’re going forward with and we couldn’t be more proud. Helena, Johanna, Max, Maria, and Angela are just the dream team for Webcamshuffle and we wouldn’t want it any other way. So if you have questions, or if you feel you can improve our site in any way feel free to write to them and get in touch. 

Here at Webcamshuffle, we want to offer you the best live cam sex shows we can possibly offer anyone and we hope we are succeding in this magical endeavor.